Thursday, August 7, 2008

Free to good home

Yes, this was forwarded to me. But it has a difference. It included a link. Now, understand that I have my reasons for not providing that link. But, take my word for it: this is a real classified ad.

Name: ** ****

Work Phone: XXX XXX-XXXX

City: Columbus

State/Province: GA

E-mail: *****@****.***

Category: Free

Item For Sale: neurotic cat

Description: Yep She's back on the give away list. Free to any home. 7 year old female tabby Her name is Trouble aka satan. This cat is psychotic bulimic and has a crappy disposition to everyone but my wife and even that is wanning at this point. Wants to eat 20 times a day and throws up 19. Makes a great kitchen alarm, she goes off when ever anyone walks in. Very cute when not puking or hissing(about 5 minutes a day)

Please take this cat. I'm sure you can save her or you've done something you need to be punished for either way; it's your turn to have her. PETA has me on a watch list so it has to appear she is going to a good home (wink wink)

Heh. And some wonder why I don't like cats in the house.

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