Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I wonder whose pants these are I'm wearing

I take my work shirts -- dress shirts -- to the laundry. Pants, not so often.

So, it was a little unusual when I found a pair of my khaki pants ... two pair, actually ... on hangers with the laundry plastic around them this morning.

I figured I had taken them the last time I dropped off clothes. I only have two pair of khaki pants; the rest of the pants I wear to work are black. So, I took the plastic off and took out one of the pair of pants.

When I put them on, I went back to the closet for a shirt. That's when I saw the other pair of khaki pants.

I paused.

Okay, I'm wearing khaki pants. That's one.

There's a hanger with khaki pants that had the laundry tag. That's two.

Then, there's the other pair I just saw. That's three.

Three out of two.

I look around in the closet. There's more khaki pants. That's four.

Out of two.

Okay, where did I get four pair of pants?

The Wife left for work early, so she wasn't around. I couldn't ask her about them. So, heck, the pants fit. And they actually were in better shape than the two pair of khakis that I've been wearing. So, I wore them to work.

But I wondered where they came from.

And whose they are.

The good news is, whosever pants these are, he and I share the same taste in pants.

Perhaps, women too.

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