Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Fred Thompson ripping into POTUS and AG

Fred Thompson says yhis is what happens with a weak President and a weak Attorney General: Why, oh why, didn't the GOP get behind Fred?


  1. I wanted Fred for President SOOOOOO much that I made signs and put them on the auto the moment he announced his running intention, I wept the day he withdrew from the running. THIS COUNTRY WOULD BE SO MUCH BETTER OFF IF WE HAD FRED IN OFFICE OF THE PRESIDENT. i WOULD NOT BE NEARLY AS FRIGHTENED FOR OUR COUNTRY.

  2. Why,oh why, didn't Fred get behind Fred??

  3. That, sir, is an excellent question.

    It's true he didn't go out there and battle like Obama. He was simple and straightforward. Everything a candidate should not be. But everything a president should.

  4. In other words...he didn't have the Fire In His Belly....


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