Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-04-29

Things on my mind recently...

  • How does Specter's switch to Dems make the Dems filibuster-proof? He was voting with them already. What did they gain? #tcot #

  • Now that the Dems have bought the cow, will the milk dry up? #tcot #

  • Scientist clone glowing dogs I bet they'd make good watchdogs; I used to have a watch that glowed at night. #

  • Two events: 1) Chihuahua carried off by gust of wind; 2) reunited with owner I know which I'd rather see #

  • Specter's departure means that the GOP is suffering as bad from the RINO virus. #tcot #

  • (Fixed:) Specter's departure means that the GOP is not suffering as bad from the RINO virus. #tcot #

  • 100 days? Does this mean we have until tonight to return him and get our money back? #tcot #

  • US GDP shrinks worse than expected When does it become Obama's economy? #tcot #

  • Houston Chronicle reports toddler who died in US from swine flu was Mexican seeking treatment #tcot #

  • At a day baseball game. Life is good. #

  • CNN compares Obama candidate vs president Let me fix it for you: no experience vs bad experience #tcot #

  • If they can't stop full-grown Mexicans from crossing the border, how will they ever stop tiny little flu bugs? #

  • Judge orders Sam Lufti to stay away from Britney Spears Don't worry Sam, you can have my turn. #

  • Why I hate the Chicken Dance #

  • Egypt kills pigs to stop swine flu What would they do if the Hong Kong flu broke out? #

  • Obama wants lighter sentences for crack dealers Makes sense: you'd have to be on crack to have voted for Obama #tcot #

  • Wife just finished reading her last book. Now she has to watch the baseball game. Or watch me on the Twitter. #

  • Girl at game yells to get drunk's attention: "Hey asshole!" Asshole next to drunk answers. Hmm. If you yelled "Hey RINO" who would answer? #

  • Just got past by some girl driving and texting. What's wrong with these people? #

  • We just passed Miss Swan outside Marietta. #

  • A Crossfire. The perfectly named car for driving downtown Atlanta. #

  • "Western" is code word for "White?" How does our western-most state feel about that? #

  • SCOTUS may strike down Voting Rights Act If not, why not expand it from 16 to 50 states? #

  • Some SOB backed into my car at the gas station in Union City. FL tag. Calling On*Star. #

  • Good response time from UCPD. Other driver admitted fault. My car being in park with engine off made his admission unnecessary. #

  • Old rust-and-white Chevy van in front of us. Classic Car tag. GA doesn't have Raggedy Piece Of Sh*t tag, it appears. #

  • Darn it! Walked out and left the power adapter for the MacBook at the hotel. Arrggh! #

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