Thursday, April 16, 2009

All a-Twitter

Frank J. has decided to try Twitter again.

He likes it. And he's using a plug-in to automatically pull his Twitter posts ("Tweets"? "Twits"?) into a daily wrap-up.

Many of the commenters at IMAO don't like it.

Here's the thing.

Most of the commenters at IMAO like Frank's "Random Thought" posts. A lot. They get lots of comments and lots of 4- and 5-star ratings.

Folks hate Frank's Twitter posts, but love his Random Thoughts. Which are essentially what Twitter updates are.

I think people just don't like Twitter, though they like what Twitter is and does.

Imagine if Frank removed all reference to "Twitter" in those posts...

Suppose he called the daily updates "Today's Random Thoughts"?

And put them in the "Random Thoughts" category?

And edited the "aktt_credit" class in the stylesheet to not display?

Then, it'd be not just be -- but also look like -- a daily Random Thoughts update.

I bet most of the readers at IMAO would love that.

Am I right?

And what does that say about us?

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