Wednesday, April 29, 2009

TV Guide

I saw somewhere that the president was going to be on TV this week. Had you heard that?

Anyway, I thought I heard tonight at 8:00 or something. So, I checked the TV Guide, and saw that "Lie To Me" was on.

Hey, that could be it.

But I kept scanning and saw other shows this week that could have been an Obama news conference:

  • Fringe

  • The Biggest Loser

  • Damages

  • Trust Me

  • Psych

  • Criminal Minds

  • American Idol

  • Lost

  • Foulups, Bleeps & Blunders

  • The Celebrity Apprentice

I never did find out when he was on.

Was anyone else confused about it? Were there any TV show listings that you thought might have been the president's news conference?

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