Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-04-25

Things on my mind recently...

  • It's Malaria Day, not Swine Flew Day. Get it right, Mexico! #

  • If you can't use a fly swatter, you probably can't use a mosquito net. #

  • Yes, I screwed up the Swine Flu joke. I'm a dumbass. #

  • If I'm going 20 mph over the speed limit, and the new road is 10 mph over the current, do I speed up or slow down? #

  • Tofu Village? Let's not stop there. #

  • Going 75 MPH on I-75 and passed by some monkey-fighter like I was sitting still. #

  • Neither one of us brought cash for the trip. Now to find a bank. #

  • We just got passed by Pee-Wee Herman's motorcycle. #

  • Yay! We're at the hotel. And have a wonderful view of ... the air conditioning unit! #

  • My favorite t-shirt of the day: Meat Is Murder. Tasty, Tasty Murder #

  • Sitting in the stands, under the umbrella. No rain; I just burn easy. #

  • AT&T Park designed by Grace Bros. The escalator takes you to the stairs. #

  • Did the PA announcer just advertise ServPro for crime scene cleanup? #

  • Many others are now using their giveaway umbrella to keep the sun off. Wife says I'm not the only girly-man at the ballpark. #

  • Player we were hoping to see play for Chattanooga tonight (#25-Lucas May,C) isn't playing. #

  • A full 1/4 of crowd did Obama salute to National Anthem ( hands clasped on lap). Deeper into the abyss we go. #

  • Seeing how some of the girls are dressed at the ballgame in Chattanooga. Hope my daughter doesn't dress that way. Except at Hallowe'en. #

  • Hillary says attacks won't derail stability. Because Bush isn't president I suppose. #

  • Tweeting about Hillary during a baseball game? Yes, the team I'm pulling for is losing. #

  • Baseball team lost. Supper gave me gas. And Obama is still in office. Life sucks. #

  • Obama greeted by man who died of flu #TCOT #

  • Why we had to take an alternate route this morning: 6-million gal of water on road #

  • Ever notice that those that say we have a "living Constitution" are brain dead? #tcot #

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