Monday, April 27, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-04-27

Things on my mind recently...

  • Obama as Christ #tcot #

  • Much better breakfast crowd at HGI this AM. Business types. All the riff-raff from weekend have gone. Except us. #

  • Okay, I spoke too soon. Didn't notice Miss Monkey Banana Pajamas in the corner. Still, step up from yesterday. #

  • Not buying much from the gift shops in Chattanooga. I'm not too big on Chinese-made Americana. #

  • Symptoms of Swine Flu include uncontrollable shaking: #

  • Even CNN blames Dems for lack of bipartisanship: #

  • Europeans urged not to travel to US/Mexico See? Every cloud has a silver lining! #

  • Just saw IMAX "Under the Sea," loaded with Climate Change warnings. What is carbon footprint of IMAX theatre? #tcot #

  • Fox to air "Lie To Me" on Wed night. Yet to announce if it's the Tim Roth show or a typical Obama news conference. #tcot #

  • I'm thinking the Chicken Dance has just about run its route. The rest of the crowd is no more excited about it than I am. #

  • Lucas May (former Catfish player) hit HR vs Huntsville #

  • Tell the truth: who is really surprised that a plane under authority of someone named "Obama" would fly at a building in NYC? Anyone? #tcot #

  • Why don't the Dems just pass a law making swine flu illegal? That's what they do for everything else. #tcot #

  • Craigslist killing suspect can't afford lawyer. Can't he find one on Craigslist? #

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