Sunday, April 26, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-04-26

Things on my mind recently...

  • Ass of the day: Wearing t-shirt with f-word in restaurant around kids. Oh, and a hat indoors. At the table. #

  • Upset over white love for black heroine in Disney pic Reverse colors and complaints would be called racist #tcot #

  • Pope names 5 saints. None named "Barack." Racist. #tcot #

  • Sunny at ballpak in Chattanooga. Would turn cap sideways to protect ear, but then pager would start going off. #

  • Sun's starting to bother me. Which would look more stupid: paper towels tucked under cap, t-shirt over head like a pharaoh? #

  • Why is it that more educated people are liberals, but more knowledgable people are conservative? #

  • Swine flu emergency so bad, POTUS goes golfing. #tcot #

  • No kissing in Mexico. Donkey shows still okay. #tcot #

  • Always loved the Chop House in Chattanooga. Supper tonight will be yummy. #

  • Poor Ugandan security at US bases in Iraq. Why isn't security by US personnel? #

  • No broccoli cheese soup on menu tonight, darn it. And the bread needs a chainsaw to cut it. *sigh* Nothing is like I remember. #

  • No soup, hard bread, but salad and steaks were yummy. Yay, Chop House. #

  • OMG she has found a Wal-mart! Life sucks so bad. #

  • Just found first mirror since ballgame. Sunburned on half of face. Like the guy in Close Encounters. #

  • Viagra alternative can be applied directly to skin. Side effects include swelling and slight discoloration. #

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