Saturday, April 11, 2009

Roughing it

It was nearly 24 hours ago that the tornado took out the tree that took out the corner of the roof ... and ripped the power meter off the wall.

Today, the power company trimmed the tree off the power lines and restored power to those nearby. We're still without power.

We got someone to get the tree off the house and cover the hole in the roof, like the insurance company said do.

He and his crew didn't take the tree away; they just got it off the house. They did turn most of the tree into little tree pieces. And some large tree pieces. And left them in the yard. Right where the power company will need to get to restore our power.

Spent the late afternoon toting off tree limbs. About dark, decided enough was enough, and packed a bag.

We're staying at a hotel uptown.

Trying to get used to having electricity and air conditioning. And hot water.

The Wife just spent about 30 minutes in the shower. I'm about to charge the Blackberry; this whole blogging via telephone is taking some getting used to, but I'm just too tired to break out the laptop.

Oh well. Time to wash my nasty self.

I might get used to this whole running water and electric lights lifestyle again.

Yeah, I think that's for me.

Update: Got pictures posted.


  1. Save the receipts and make sure the insurance company knows you had to move to a hotel. Glad you're safe, that's what is most important!

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  3. Glad you found a hotel. Stay safe and dry. Roughed it once after a hurricane and a couple of days without power... not going to happen again.


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