Tuesday, April 14, 2009

What's the point of being homeless if you have to go to work anyway?

First, let me thank Frank J. and everyone at IMAO for their kind words of support.

Okay, not everyone had kind words of support. Still, it was touching. At least they spelled my name right, even if some pronounced it wrong.

With those niceties out of the way, I must say that this whole getting displaced by a tornado is starting to get on my nerves.

First, the good news. On Friday night, the Weather Channel online (on my CrackBerry) said that we were under a tornado warning, and that one would be in our area at 9:17.

They nailed it. At 9:17, the sound of the rain gave way to a gosh-awful noise, and the lights went out.

That's the good news: we got hit with a tornado when they said we would. Aint' technocracy great!

The rest, though, falls under the category of "bad news." The tornado tore down the large tree in the back yard and put in on the house, knocking the power lines down and ripping the power meter box from the wall.

Of course, on Easter weekend, there's no getting an electrician to come by. Especially until that tree and the accompanying debris was out of the way. Saturday and Sunday, we got the side of the house cleared, but still no electrician.

Rather than spend the night in a power-less house, we stayed in a hotel. That was Saturday night. And Sunday night. And Monday night. And now, Tuesday night.

There's still no power at the house. Oh, the electrician got the power box and meter up. But there's no line running from the pole to the house. That's awaiting the power company, who's awaiting the inspector signing off on the electrician's work.

So, we've been having to stay in hotels since the storm.

Being homeless isn't fun.

But, having to get up and go to work? While homeless?

That's just not right.

I think, first thing in the morning, I'll put on dirty clothes, head to the Piggly Wiggly and grab a shopping cart, then wander around town, picking up trash bags full of thrown out bread from Subway.

Then I'll go register to vote as a Democrat. Several times.

After all, in for a penny, in for a pound.

I'm wondering what else I should be doing, now that I've joined that elite group.


  1. Dang it Basil...if you're gonna sign up as a Demo☭rat, you might as well join your local ACORN office!

  2. I hate that you are still homeless, little brother. Here's hoping today brings the solution to your homelessness. Hugs...

  3. I had no idea - I'm glad you're OK. Will pray for you and your family.

  4. Our family will be praying for your family. Insurance companies do tend to shine at these moments, so I hope this works out for you easily, if not quickly.


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