Thursday, April 23, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-04-23

Things on my mind recently...

  • If a man dressed like a ninja carrying a sword enters your dry cleaning store, watch out! #

  • Beware of existentials. They're sneaky. And a threat. #

  • IMF says economy won't recover until 2010. But Obama's term ends in 2013. Unless... OMG, they threatened the POTUS #

  • Maybe ninjas are existential. #

  • Apple drops Baby Shaker game from iPhone after 2 days. Would Terrorist Shaker game have lasted as long? #

  • First, 21 Venezuelan horses dead. Now, three vials of Venezuelan equine encephalitis missing. Just a coincidence. #

  • Biden calls Obama "a cross between Denzel Washington and Franklin Roosevelt." How about Roosevelt Franklin? Preacher or muppet, either one. #

  • The View. Isn't that like Oprah? But with white women? #

  • What did Pelosi know and when did she forget it? #

  • Americans high on Obama: I agree, they must be high #

  • RT @pmgreco: Obama & Socialist Party #

  • Next episode of The Barack Obama Show is Wednesday When will networks cancel that awful show? #

  • POTUS saves Earth by burning jet fuel. CBS: #tcot #

  • RT @jmp5329: The GM bailout wasn't to "save mid-america" but to save the unions who helped put Dear Leader in office #tcot #

  • Geithner says downturn may be easing. Reuters: Economy at terminal velocity, will fall at constant rate now #tcot #

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