Friday, April 24, 2009

What a Croc!

I bought some Crocs a few months back. And not just the typical Crocs that you see on the beach, but also some "dress Crocs" that I can wear to work.

I like them. They're comfortable. Very comfortable.

And, I signed up for their newsletter.

Fast-forward a few months. I bought a Blackberry. And set it up to get my email. And it does.

Previously, I checked email when I got home. Everything would come in all at once, including the newsletters I signed up for.

The Blackberry changed that. When someone sent me an email -- JC Penney, Sears, CNet, Apple, Crocs, ScrappleFace, whoever -- I got it when they sent it, not when I got home at night.

That was a shock to my regular routine.

So, since I own my own domain name, I could set up a sh*tload of email addresses. And I did.

A separate email address for each newsletter subscription.

Actually, at first, I set up a single address for subscriptions, changed all the email accounts on file with the email senders, and got them there. At night. When I got home. Not on my Blackberry.

Then, spam showed up. That meant that someone who I was subscribing to was a spammer, or had been compromised by a spammer.

That's when I set up separate email addresses for each subscription, and changed the email addresses again.

Only, some won't cooperate.

Crocs, for instance.

I've logged in to my Crocs account and changed my email address. But the still send the stuff to my standard email address.

So, I clicked the unsubscribe link. It bounced.

Now, I've filled out an online form, explaining the situation. I'm waiting for a response.

We'll see what happens.

And I have my next move in mind.

If they keep sending emails to my standard account, I'm going to set up a filter to forward every email they send me to

Now, will that help? I don't know. I'll keep looking for more email addresses for Crocs people and forward every email they send me to the entire Crocs staff and board members, if I can find their email addresses. Home addresses, too, if I can find them.

But that's only if escalation is needed.

However, if you have any ideas on what to do next -- if they won't quit sending me email, that is -- let me know. The more devious, the better.

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