Friday, April 17, 2009

Thoughts for 2009-04-17

  • When Fear Factor and Survivor use insects, it's entertainment; when CIA does, it's torture. #

  • Place where The Girls work was robbed at gunpoint last night. They weren't there. Nobody hurt. But I've just about had enough this week. #

  • Drudge: "Journalists get PTSD." I knew they had some kind of disorder. #

  • If you pray for patience, the Lord may send a liberal for you to talk to. #

  • I'm having Sealtest milk with lunch. Last time I had anything "Sealtest" it was after a trip to the IGA. Good times. #

  • Microsoft Expression SuperPreview. Help from writers of crappy browsers for coding for those crappy browsers. #

  • Need to go to Atlanta. Maybe tomorrow. #

  • U.S. Flags made in the U.S... What a concept! #

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