Friday, April 10, 2009

Stormy weather

Well, here I sit on Friday, in the dark.

Big storm just went through and took out the power.

Big storm.

No phone, no lights, no Internet ... not a single luxury.

Well, okay, I do have the Blackberry. So, I guess I do have a phone. And Internet, through Blackberry service. And it's the only light I have, since the flashlight died a few minutes ago.

There's also a tree on the house. But not in the house, thankfully. I took a picture, but it's too dark to make anything out. But I'll have pictures when the sun comes up in the morning.

Maybe we'll have power by then.


  1. We never lost power. Alabama Power is an odd entity for sure.

  2. Trees took down lines ... many lines ... around here. Took the meter off the side of the house. So others will get power back before we do.


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