Friday, March 12, 2010

An Alabama Three-Way

The state of Alabama might be changing its state song. The current song is titled, appropriately enough, "Alabama," and is one of those songs that, I'd guess, most people in the state don't know. Or, if they do, they only know one verse.

A state House committee is recommending "Sweet Home Alabama" as the new state song. (Tip: Doc's Political Parlor)

The Lynyrd Skynyrd classic overcame an early push for "Stars Fell On Alabama" to receive the committee's recommendation.

Georgia changed its song back in 1979. "Georgia On My Mind" was adopted as the Official Song. There was no controversy about it. And, when it passed the legislature, Ray Charles performed it at the state house.

For the Yellowhammer State, though, I prefer "Stars Fell On Alabama." Oh, I have nothing against the Skynyrd song. I just think that "Stars" is a better song. Not because "Sweet Home" essentially tells Neil Young to kiss its ass -- I agree with that sentiment. And, I do like the song. But, to me, "Stars" is a superior song.

Judge for yourself.

First, here's a choir performing the current song, "Alabama"...

[Direct link]

Now, the committee's recommendation, "Sweet Home Alabama"...

[Direct link]

Finally, the early front-runner, and my personal choice, "Stars Fell On Alabama"...

[Direct link]

Which would you prefer?


  1. I'd leave it alone. I think the current anthem is just beautiful.

    Definitely shouldn't be "Sweet Home, Alabama!" That would be like Texas changing to "All My Exes Live in Texas," or that Charlie Daniels song "Texas."

    Maybe I'm just an old fart...but I'd leave it alone.

  2. I like the "Stars Fell on Alabama" if it's got to be changed. Don't you all have car tags that say that too? I think I've seen one, somewhere.

    I'd never heard the song until here. It's a good 'un.


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