Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Full Metal

I've been working on a project lately that's involved me putting in some long hours. As in staying up late.

Now, this is a personal project, not work-related. So I have to work on it before work or after work. And it's a quite involved project. And that means long hours. And it's kept me from posting on some days.
For those interested, it's setting up a free WordPress MU (Multiuser)-based blogging application. Lots of themes, functionality that doesn't have. Including the ability of the blogger to have ads (including Google AdSense and BlogAds), SiteMeter, turning plug-ins on and off, and more. And did I mention free?

More when it's done. Or close to done. Still working out some bugs on functions and themes.

Anyway, when I'm doing major projects that have me up late, I have a habit of having the TV on when I work on the computer. I usually take the laptop, plug it in next to the couch, put it on a tray, and type while (sort of) watching TV. I'll watch what TiVo has recorded (by request or TiVo suggestions). Sometimes, when TiVo is exhausted (it happens), I'll watch whatever's on.

That's when I picked up the habit of watching some of the stuff that Cartoon Network shows overnight. When it calls itself [Adult Swim].

They got some really strange stuff. I won't watch it all. I used to watch Futurama, Family Guy, and such. Picked up watching Aqua Teen Hunger Force. And Harvey Birdman. And Space Ghost. Brack. Sealab 2021. Stuff like that.

But I always skipped the Anime (Japanese animation).

Why? Do I hate the Japanese or something?

No. Though I did scare the hell out of some little Japanese kid in South Korea one time. But not on purpose. I'll tell that story one day.

No, nothing against the Japanese.

But I'd seen some Japanese shows and thought they were a little bit strange. And the animation a little bit goofy. At time, anyway.

One night, though, I was at a point where I needed to break. And I paid closer attention to what was on.

It was some strange show called "Paranoia Agent." I was thinking, "What the hell?" But it was just interesting enough to watch.
Then there was this other show called "Ghost In The Shell." It was odd.

Recently, though, I saw the ending of a show called "Full Metal Alchemist."

That's another odd one. Some kind of alternate Earth. Mixture of European and Japanese cultures.

Hero is a short dude name Edward Elric. Other hero is his brother Alphonse. Edward has a metallic arm and leg (automail). Al is a soul attached to a Japanese suit of armor. They're alchemists. And they were injured (lost arm/leg and body, respectively) trying to use alchemy to bring their mother back from the dead. And the series follows their adventures as they try to get their bodies complete again.

Like I said, I saw the ending of the series, but was intrigued enough to want to see it from the beginning.

Well, lo and behold, they restarted the series the next night. And are running it four nights a week. Or three. I'm not sure.

Anyway, if I'm up when it comes on, I watch it.

And if I'm not up when it comes on, I'm TiVo-ing it.

Yeah, I'm a grown man, using 21st century technology to record and watch some silly Japanese cartoon.

I need help. Seriously.


  1. I have been a Dragon Ball Z Fan for years. Over 40 and confess to loving Japanese Anima. Adult Swim rocked when it had Cowboy BeBop - man I miss that show.

    You're not the only one!

  2. Anime scares me. I don't understand and I have soooo many friends that obsessed over it, esp. in high school. 'Want to go to our anime party? We're going to watch anime all night!'

  3. Most hardcore anime fans would be livid at you calling Fullmetal Alchemist a "silly Japanese cartoon"... but who cares about them?

    You aren't the first right-of-center blogger to be intrigued by the stuff, that's for sure...

  4. Bugs Bunny and Anime-style have always been my favorite cartoons, ever since I was but a little gecko.

  5. I read this when I was in a hurry the other day (well, yesterday, I guess) and meant to get back to it.

    I was experimenting with setting up Wordpress MU and working out the kinks also. Looks really promising. I got a little bogged down, distracted, and then I read that there would be a new version of WPMU coming out in a few days so that was reason/excuse enough for me to wait a little longer before I tackled it again.

    How is it going with your setup?


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