Thursday, January 18, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-18

From CNN:
Cops: Pregnant teens go on attack
Fox special to air during sweeps week

From CNN:
House Democrats target Big Oil with higher taxes
Gas prices too low

From CNN:
Ministers launch petition to stop Bush library
Shortage of crayons cited

From CNN:
Nicotine in U.S. cigarettes rising, Harvard study finds
Report: It's in the smoke

From CNN:
Boy dies copying Hussein hanging
Got an 'A' on his schoolwork

From CNN:
Thousands homeless after rains
Lawsuit filed against First Little Pig Construction Company

From CNN:
Allies expected to expand Chavez's powers
Able to walk through walls, see through concrete

From CNN:
Writer McEwan finds lost brother
Was where he left him

From CNN:
In North Dakota, Playing House is a Sex Crime
Hugh Laurie objects

From CNNmoney:
Abbott in $8 billion deal with GE
Costello left out

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