Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-10

From ABC News:
High Mercury Hot Spots Found in Northeast
No Venus Hot Spots found yet

From ABC News:
Canadian TV Show Makes Islam a Laughing Matter
"Beheading Bloopers and Practical Jokes" airs Thursdays

From ABC News:
Gere Dances With Indian Sex Workers for AIDS
Gerbil sex hasn't produced AIDS, new tactic being tried

From ABC News:
James Brown's Body Has Not Been Buried
Celebrities too busy getting face time to actually carry casket to cemetery

From ABC News:
Spears, Hilton Tie for 'Worst Dressed'
Also tied for 'Worst Undressed'

From ABC News:
'Munsters' Star Yvonne De Carlo Dies
Lily Munster still looks the same

From ABC News:
Japan to Investigate U.S. Sub Collision With Fishing Boat
Last fishing boat to investigate sub collision sank

From ABC News:
Hopes for Silicone Implants May Have Been Over-Inflated
Researchers feel like boobs

From ABC News:
Three Pigs Trigger Fire in Rural Serbia
Big Bad Wolf identified perpetrators

From ABC News:
Va. School Fires Butt-Prints Art Teacher
Ex-teacher feels like a real ass

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