Monday, January 29, 2007

The Following Takes Place Between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM

Previously on 24

Nuke! And there's four more.

Walid (Obama) is on the inside.

Bad guy from last year is Jack's brother.

The Following Takes Place Between 11:00 AM and 12:00 PM

President Little Brother on TV.

Karen and Weasel Boy argue.

I'm thinking Weasel Boy might be a mole. But I'm not sure.

Or is it his assistant? Yeah. The assistant.

9:04 PM

Jack's kicking bad brother's ass.

9:06 PM

Bad Brother is lying to Jack.

It's apparently 11:09:55 AM

9:09 PM

Apparently Jack and the SisInLaw have a history.

Tick tick tick tick

9:11 PM


Testosterone battle.

9:13 PM

Jack and Bad Brother fuss. Like brothers.

Okay, they're fussing about loyalty. Did I miss something.

And who's that chick in the car.

9:16 PM

I'm trying to get used to the accents.

Bill's not let this guy in on things. Milo. Does Bill know something? Or is it some more of that great 24 writing.

9:20 PM

Little Sister is finding out that sometimes the bad guys are ... bad guys.

9:22 PM

Karen and Weasel Boy go at it again.

Tick tick tick tick

9:27 PM


Okay, so this user id thing will bite who in the ass? Her? Him?

Karen quits. President Brother says no.

9:31 PM

Now he says yes.

9:32 PM

Assistant does his little stunt. Weasel Boy gets his way

Tick tick tick tick

9:36 PM


Jack's calling in car tags. Escorting bad brother.

Obama walks around the camp, trying to get caught by the terrorists.

9:38 pm


I'm not dialing it

9:40 PM

Walid goes to put the phone back

Chloe gets viruses??

No, she finds out about a Website.

And Walid gets beat up.

9:42 PM

Now it's a riot.

Okay, maybe not a riot.

But a severe ass-kicking.

Tick tick tick tick

9:45 PM

Mmmm. Bacon.

9:46 PM

Mmmm. Arby's.


So, who are those kids talking to Chloe? I'm missing something, aren't I?

9:48 PM

Jack looks for secret nuclear files labeled "secret nuclear files" but doesn't find them.

Shredding files? Ain't them guys ever heard of a big-ass magnet? Works wonders.

And really good shredders will allow you to shred files without sitting there. You can just walk away and leave it running. Just like any other computer program

Dad shows up. Didn't he invent Warp Drive?

Now it's apparently 11:55 AM

9:51 PM

Dad agrees with Jack. Bad Brother pulls a switch.

Two hours later and you still see a mushroom cloud?

9:53 PM

Walid gets carted off. Karen leaves. Somebody blinks

Bad Brother takes his prisoners away. And they've killed CTU agents.

So, this season, the soon-to-be-dead agents talk to Chloe before they're killed? Instead of to Jack?

Tick tick tick tick

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