Monday, January 29, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-29

From ABC News:
Stowaway's Body Found in Jet's Wheel Well at LAX
Bush blamed

From ABC News:
Mike Huckabee Launches Presidential Bid
Hopes voters heart Huckabee

From ABC News:
Brain Damage Can Actually Help Smokers Quit
Brain damage plays both sides

From ABC News:
Nicotine Addiction May Start in the Womb
Uterus burns explained

From ABC News:
School Bans Talking at Lunch After Choking
Talking at lunch before choking still allowed

From ABC News:
Eagle Lugging a Deer Head Causes Outage
Joe Walsh redecorates his home

From ABC News:
Uproar Over MLK Party With Fried Chicken & Afros
Redneck party with beer and barbeque avoids scrutiny

From ABC News:
Oldest Person Dies at 114 in Connecticut
Connecticut passes Florida as "favorite place for old people to die"

From ABC News:
Jermaine Jackson wants Michael to convert to Islam
Offers solution: "Let the Muslims deal with him"

From ABC News:
Wife Who Fought Mountain Lion: I'm No Hero
Saved Kim Bauer's life

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