Wednesday, January 3, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-03

From ABC News:
Walters Doesn't Regret Hiring O'Donnell
Just regrets watching her

From ABC News:
Knight Is NCAA's Winningest Hoops Coach
Also holds record for chair toss

From ABC News:
NJ Panel Urges Death Penalty Abolishment
Abortion still legal

From ABC News:
12 Survive Indonesian Ferry Accident
Officials to try again tomorrow

From ABC News:
Saddam Execution Video Draws Criticism
Gassing of Kurds seen as 'minor inconvenience'

From ABC News:
Tide Turns for Iraqi Teen With Big Dreams
Named head coach at Alabama

From ABC News:
Demi Moore Surprised She Clicked With Kutcher
Had always wanted to adopt

From CNN:
Starbucks to drop trans fats in 10 cities Wednesday
Bombing commences at dawn

From CNN:
Hajj ends without incident
Will try again next year

From CNN:
Pat Robertson: God told me of 2007 'mass killing'
On speaking terms again

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