Sunday, January 28, 2007

ItsAPundit. And so are you.

NOTE: I no longer own the domain and this post no longer applies.

Busy weekend for a couple of reasons.

First, the Little Princess came to visit. She drove over Thursday, and left Sunday. It was great seeing her.

The other thing was, the re-working of

Remember ItsAPundit?

ItsAPundit began as an April Fools Day joke in 2005.

After the funny wore off, ItsAPundit remained as an alternative outlet for some bloggers.

ItsAPundit is still all that. But now it's also something else.

ItsAPundit is now a blogging platform.

That means you can get your own blog. For free.

Yes, a blog. Not just an account to post on a blog. But your own blog.

And it's easy. Just sign up and start blogging. Or punditing. Whatever.

We got yer extras right here! runs on the WordPress MU software. Just like ... and some other enterprise blog platforms.

But many of those platforms have restrictions. And so does You see, that's just part of the WordPress MU software.

But over at ItsAPundit, we have removed some of the restrictions.

For instance?

Well, ads.

Most WordPress MU systems, like, for instance, do not allow advertising. They'll put a small ad on your blog. But they won't let you put you your own ad up.

But we think different.

Yep, you can sell ads on your blog. And, no, we don't get a cut. If you sell an ad, the money is all yours.

For example, if you want Google AdSense on your blog, just use the Google AdSense widget. Same thing for BlogAds; just use the widget.

And, if you're an affiliate with a service that offers HTML ad code, you can use the Text Widgets, or the Ad Rotator Widgets. Those are perfect for ads, among others.


Right now, we've got over 70 themes available. We're always looking our for more. And we could have more. But we test all themes on Firefox, Internet Explorer 7, and Internet Explorer 6. If they don't look right in any one of them, and we can't fix it, we don't offer it.

At ItsAPundit, we also allow for minor customization of themes. Not as extensive as the method you can get at But they charge you for it. Theme customization at ItsAPundit, though somewhat limited, is free.

We're using Spam Karma 2 to help fight spam. Yes, Akismet is available as a plug-in you can activate, but because of licensing restrictions and cost, we're not offering an enterprise (site-wide) API key to activate it. But if you have one, you can use it at ItsAPundit.

We can't offer everything. Security is a factor. And undoing the restrictions can be dangerous. So we're being careful. But we do offer full SiteMeter functionality.

We're wanting to hear about other features you'd like at ItsAPundit. We're open to new ideas.

Give us a shot

Go ahead and sign up for a free blog. It's quick. And free.


  1. You sure know how to tempt a person, don't ya?

  2. Okay, Basil----Frankly, My Dear,,is up!

    I'll be bugging you about all the ins and outs, I'm sure!

  3. Well, you go girl!

    I'm very interested in how easy to use you find the interface. And the plugins and features.

  4. Yes, it may all be interesting to see how well someone without a lot of knowledge of the technical side does--I'm curious, too! What's your phone number? heh


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