Monday, January 22, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-22

From ABC News:
Poll: Bush Approval Rating Lowest Since Nixon
Bush ruling out third term

From ABC News:
Baby Born Early So Husband Can Watch Football
Duffy Daugherty was right *

From ABC News:
State Inmates Outlive People on Outside
Are guarded from each other

From ABC News:
Morbidly Obese Man -- "I'm Never Full"
Doctors agree: he's full of it

From ABC News:
Nancy Pelosi's 100 Hours... Same Old Democrats
Pete Townshend was right *

From ABC News:
Pet Shop Owner Creates Beer for Dogs
Pupweiser on sale

From ABC News:
Chimp Drama: Who's the Daddy?
Desperate House Chimps debuts

From ABC News:
Trial of Alleged Canadian Killer Starts
Killed 26 Canadian women, equal to 22 American women

From ABC News:
Pentagon Turns to Hollywood for National Security
Martin Lawrence gets government job

From ABC News:
Families Spend Two Years 'Living With Windows Vista'
Alternative sentencing a success

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