Tuesday, January 9, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-09

From ABC News:
Kennedy: Iraq Is George Bush's Vietnam
Offers to help him find his Chappaquiddick

From ABC News:
N.J. Eyed As Source of Stench Over NYC
Obvious answer is the correct answer

From ABC News:
Life on Mars -- and Researcher Says We Killed It
First test of Illudium PU-35 Explosive Space Modulator a success

From ABC News:
Orphaned Bear Cub Not Hibernating
Was afraid he'd go blind

From ABC News:
Arizona Residents See Rats in Toilets
Follow up to Sixth Sense flops at box office

From ABC News:
Police: Teen Seeking Kiss Rams Wrong Car
Peter Criss not injured

From ABC News:
Bangkok Office Introduces Daily Nap Time
"Take A Kindergartner To Work Day" a success

From ABC News:
Ohio County Cuts Doughnuts for Inmates
Inmates must still twirl spaghetti

From ABC News:
Wis. Legislator Is Longest-Serving
Lousiana's William Jefferson vows to beat record once he starts serving his sentence

From ABC News:
Woman Accused of Killing Husband for Boob Job
News outlets keeping abreast of story


  1. Tuesday...

    basil's blog: Headline News Cox and Forkum: Cut and Run Guns'n'butter: New York City Suddenly Beset by Mysterious Pleasant Odor Right Jokester: Our demand: jokester rooms at airports Scrappleface: Pessimism, Heart Disease Link Worries Democrats The...

  2. "Arizona Residents See Rats in Toilets"

    Critics agree-- Samuel L Jackon's second worst movie ever.


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