Friday, January 19, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-19

From CNN:
Satellite shootdown sparks fears
Soon no free HBO

From CNN:
DA: Student stabbed classmate in hallway
Were aiming for his chest

From CNN:
Mondale rips Cheney for giving bad advice to Bush
Cites history of good advice to Jimmy Carter

From CNN:
Muslims protest being the bad guys on '24'
Cite numerous instances of Methodists blowing up buses

From CNN:
'Poe toaster' visits writer's grave for 58th year
Exceeds 'Poe can opener' visits by 7 years

From CNN:
Shawn willing to testify, parents say
Marlon, Damon not cooperating with prosecutors

From CNN:
Morales: Don't blame coca farmers for drugs
Blames tobacco farmers for cigarettes

From CNN:
Harvard professor: Department is bastion of sexism
Explaines why he likes his department

From CNN:
Meeting of the mouths for O'Reilly and Colbert
Stephen slips Bill the tounge

From CNN:
MySpace welcomes French friends
Bin Laden gets a Web page

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