Friday, January 12, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-12

From CNN:
Billionaire held in international call girl probe
Likes to be held

From CNN:
Aquarium investigates shark's death
Police Chief Martin Brody held for questioning

From CNN:
Nipple covers, hair and other red carpet secrets
Janet Jackson write book

From CNN:
Blair: Terror battle will be long
Adds, 'Winter will be cold, water will be wet'

From WGAL:
Triple shooting leaves one dead
Suspect promises to aim better next time

From KCRA:
Bird watchers flock to see rare owl
Most prefer their owls well done

From KSAT:
City considers ban on drinking on rivers
Fish protest proposed ordinance

From KMGH:
Six Flags sells Denver park
South Park still on market

From CNN:
Defense: Dancer's story clears one Duke player
Still awaiting testimony from Dasher, Prancer

From CNN:
Paris Hilton pleads not guilty to DUI
Maintains "can't even spell DUI"

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