Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-31

From ABC News:
Certain Soaps May Cause Boys to Grow Breasts
Also causes temporary penis growth

From ABC News:
U.S.-Iran Tensions Could Trigger War
Democrats planning to support war, surrender in three years

From ABC News:
Radical Surgery Alleviates 'Lobster Claw' Syndrome
Totally removing arms seen as too radical for some

From ABC News:
Massachusetts Loves a Winner
Settles for Kennedy, Kerry

From ABC News:
Man, Yoda the Dog Travel on Riding Mower
Dog barks backwards

From ABC News:
Tooth Chipped on Cookie Ruled Work-Related
Keebler Elves health insurance policy to pay

From ABC News:
Student Wants to 'Rent' a Girlfriend
Sounds nicer to parents than visiting a whore

From ABC News:
French Health Minister Seeks Nap Study
Milk and cookies, coloring studies also planned

From ABC News:
Man Guilty of Killing Mail-Order Bride
Didn't like returns policy

From ABC News:
Real men like romantic movies too: study
Willing to do almost anything to get a woman horny

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