Thursday, January 4, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-04

From ABC News:
FBI: Ex-Justice Rehnquist Suffered Hallucinations
Thought Clinton was innocent

From ABC News:
Croc Hunter's Wife Gets Tape of His Death
Downloaded it from YouTube

From ABC News:
More Horses Facing Slaughterhouse
Saddam's stable nearly empty

From ABC News:
Lindsay Lohan Has Appendectomy
Heard Britney had one

From ABC News:
Calf With Two Faces Born at Va. Farm
Talks behind other calves' backs

From ABC News:
Pakistan Lifts Ban on Kite-Flying
Still banned: Having tea on the ceiling with Uncle Albert

From ABC News:
Woman Settles Suit in Flour Condoms Case
Flour condoms pulled from shelves

From ABC News:
In Peru, a move to get farmers to trade in fish rather than coca
Fish-Cola to be test marketed

From ABC News:
Full-moon Tides Strand Cape Dolphins
Second set of Dolphins stranded by Tide this week

From ABC News:
2007 predicted to be world's warmest year
Hot air from Congress blamed

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