Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Headline News 2007-01-16

From CNN:
Biden calls for removal of Confederate flag
Thinks South Carolina is part of Delaware

From CNN:
U.S.: Taliban Push After Accord
Prefers Honda to Toyota

From CNN:
Questions remain in whale shark death
Fish not talking

From CNN:
Iraq's Sunnis angry over hanging
Saddam, half-brother haven't complained

From CNN:
Report: Castro in serious condition
Doctors diagnosis: "He's a crazy communist"

From CNN:
Kidnapped boy thanks pal for tipping cops
Much more useful than tipping cows

From CNN:
Upscale hotels popping up along Alabama golf trail
Double wide, with skirting

From CNN:
Group spotlights world's rarest creatures
"Honest Democrats" to air on Discovery

From CNN:
Black hole triplets spotted
Expected to be striped

From CNN:
On MySpace girls seek friends, boys flirt
Center for the Obvious releases report

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