Sunday, February 4, 2007

Cheesecake For Vets

It seems I missed the boat on a little project by Gina Elise.

Who's Gina Elise, you ask?

Well, she's an actress, model, and hostess. Not sure if "struggling" would be a good description, but she's not had a breakout just yet.

But, she has a project going that might be of interest. And that's the project I missed the boat on.

Iowahawk, Blackfive, and other bloggers wrote about her project back in December or early January. But that was an extremely busy time for me, and I missed it.

Shame on me.

But Gina (or someone on her behalf) contacted me recently about her project.

Here's the deal. Gina is doing 1940s style pinups for veterans.
Over the past year, I have heard and read incredible stories about the injured soldiers returning from military service. Their hardest battles have just begun, as they attempt to recover in Veterans Hospitals all across America . I was touched by each story, and knew that I had to try to do something to help our hospitalized Vets. I came up with an idea to recreate a World War II style pin-up calendar that would have the dual purpose of raising money for programs that support hospitalized Veterans, and also serve as a GIFT for each and every Veteran, as they recover in a Veterans Hospital. - from

Sounds like a great project to me. And here's the kicker. She's not just selling calendars of herself. She's encouraging others to help vets in other ways:
Why not drop by the Volunteer Services at your local Veterans Hospital and sign up to become a volunteer. You will be giving something back to the men and women who served honorably in our nation's military. It is a great way to thank these hospitalized Veterans for their service, to acknowledge their contributions, and to brighten up a day for these wonderful people. I guarantee you will make some great new friends there, as well!

I like Gina's project.

That's why I ordered a calendar and had it sent to a vet. And so should you. Or at least help out a vet in one of the ways Gina suggested.

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