Thursday, February 8, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-08

From CNN:
Anna Nicole Smith dies
Marries Methuselah, Lamech sues

From CNN:
Prehistoric lovers found locked in embrace
Bodies of Fred Flintstone, Betty Rubble found

From CNN:
Horse teeth give details of ancient big chill
Prince of Wales shows off climate knowledge

From CNN:
4 die as train hits van at Alabama crossing
Bush blamed

From CNN:
House Dems' Iraq vote plan: Keep it simple
Using small words so other Democrats can understand

From CNN:
Flipper stung by the slow home market
Lassie, Flicka unaffected

From CNN:
Six stadiums given Italy all clear
New rules require stadiums must be able to accomodate 52,000 rioters

From CNN:
Marine allowed to take back guilty plea
Had his fingers crossed

From CNN:
Lake effect snow buries upstate New York
Acts just like real snow

From WKMG:
Dryer blamed for fire killing 39 cats, dogs
Dogs no longer allowed to use dryer

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