Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weather Or Not To Interrupt

Missed House Tuesday night.

The Wife and I enjoy House. We were hooked from the first re-run we saw on USA. And we finally caught up with all the episodes, plus have been watching the current episodes on Fox.

But, Tuesday night, we missed House. I don't remember why.

Wednesday night, we watched it. TiVo rocks, by the way.

Like I said, we watched House Wednesday night.

Or most of it.

You see, the local Fox channel has a weather guy ... seems like a nice guy ... that takes weather seriously. As in, if the wind blows, or it rains, or if the temperature drops 2 degrees, or if the moon changes phases, or... well, you get the idea. He tells us all about the weather.

Best as I can tell by the number of interruptions that TiVo recorded, it got cold Tuesday night. I don't remember. And didn't notice Tuesday night. You see, we were indoors, where it's 70 year-round.

But it was a bit lower than 70 outside on Tuesday night, and the weather was apparently moving. Seems the pink weather was moving in on the light blue weather ... and Kurt thought we needed to know that. Or that's what it looked like. I didn't listen to it. We use the TiVo 30-second fast-forward hack, and skip commercials ... and weather interruptions.

I suppose it's important to listen to the weather interruptions. But I've learned that it doesn't do much good.

You see, when the weather gets really bad, the electricity ... or the cable ... goes out. And we can't watch it anyway.

So, as useful as the weather may be to hear ... or that big map of the Georgia-Alabama border that takes up 1/6 of the TV screen when they think it's important to block the screen ... it doesn't do much for us.

I'd rather watch House.


  1. I got to watch it. Wanna know what happened?

  2. Actually, yes. That would be nice.

  3. I love House! One of my favorite shows and it's always Tivo'd

  4. The Weather Man... Only job in the country where you can be wrong most of the time and never get fired :)

    Don't watch House... too stuck on CSI & 24 :)

  5. The combination of House and weather strikes me as funny right now for two reasons.

    1. I hurt my leg very badly last week and presently have to walk with a cane, this is in addition to my generally cantankerous nature.

    2. I live in Georgia and, though it's been colder than average, I still haven't turned on my heat this year. It certainly hasn't been cold enough to justify cutting into House.


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