Thursday, February 1, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-01

From ABC News:
D.A. Won't Seek Death in Katrina Case
God faces life in prison

From ABC News:
Calif. May Ban Conventional Lightbulbs by 2012
Dim bulbs evident in Golden State

From ABC News:
Woman Claims She Found Blade in McMuffin
Wesley Snipes located

From ABC News:
Dolphin's Toy Mistaken for a Bomb
Adult Swim blamed

From ABC News:
Guantanamo Inmates Shown Saddam Hanging Photos: Lawyer
Army criticized for allowing inmates access to YouTube

From ABC News:
More Americans Take Volunteer Vacations
Mandatory vacations a thing of the past

From ABC News:
Working Wounded: Management Lessons From 'The Queen'
Elton John shares his secrets

From ABC News:
Legislator Wants Green Lights in California
Has been waiting for light at intersection to change since 1982

From ABC News:
Space life search turns to TV, radio signals
Reports of star ships populated by Vulcans, Klingons investigated

From ABC News:
The animal that stows its tongue in its rib cage
Gene Simmons special airs on Biography

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