Friday, February 16, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-16

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda Attack Video Appears to Be Staged
Media losing faith in al-Qaeda

From ABC News:
Nepal King Motorcade Stoned During Hindu Festival
Repeal of drug laws having unexpected effect

From ABC News:
Woman Says She Got Cancer by Hugging Dad
Told Dad even better story about how she got pregnant

From ABC News:
Dodge Joins Stampede Into China Market
Failed at making cars, trying table settings

From ABC News:
New Orleans Seeks Mardi Gras Donations
Based on what they'll do for beads, donors expecting a lot for cash

From ABC News:
Air America Radio Sale Set to Go Ahead
Expected to fetch $173.28, approximately twice its market value

From ABC News:
House Rejects Troop Surge in Iraq
Would mean something if Consitituion didn't name President as Commander-In-Chief

From ABC News:
Park Won't Lift Elephant With Human Hair
Still unclear how elephant got human hair

From ABC News:
Patient Sprays Her Way Out of Hospital
Pepe Le Pew trying to find girlfriend

From ABC News:
Turtle Eaten by Golden Retriever Lives
Likes being eaten

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  1. cancer can be contagious...

    LONDON Feb 15, 2007 (AP)— A British woman who claims she contracted cancer from hugging her father, who worked with asbestos, is suing the Ministry of Defence for 75,000 pounds ($146,000)....


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