Monday, February 19, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-19

From CNN:
Satellite radio stations merging
Now more listeners can find nothing to listen to

From CNN:
Hitler jokes on sugar packets sparks probe
Hitler jokes must remain on bubble gum

From CNN:
Daylight-saving bug could foil computers
Microsoft Windows not enough trouble

From CNN:
Reid: Iraq 'worst...policy mistake' in U.S. history
Thousands not killed by Saddam since 2003 disagree

From CNN:
Mexican troops get pay hike in drug fight
Families unable to live on payoffs from drug dealers

From CNN:
Girls' School Bombed
Mull of Kintyre a hit

From WKMG:
Fan shot to death on road after Daytona 500
NASCAR: NBA shouldn't have all the fun

From WPLG:
World's youngest baby ready to leave hospital
Only days old

From KFOX:
Freeway markings use illusion to slow drivers down
David Copperfield hired by DOT

From New York Times:
Al Qaeda Chiefs Are Seen to Regain Power
Democrats' strategy pays off

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