Monday, February 26, 2007

Car Pool

Since the Wife's work schedule has coincided with mine, we've been able to car pool. And that's quite convenient.

You see, the Wife and I work about three blocks apart. When she drives, she drops me off, then drives three blocks to work. When I drive, I drop her off, then drive three blocks to work.

And that's a daily occurrence. Well, almost daily. We didn't ride together Monday. You see, I had the chance to hear an economist speak. And, really, who could pass that up?

Anyway, I left early to get there in plenty of time, since it was several blocks further. And the Wife drove by herself and left at the regular time.

Of course, since we work so close together, it's often that we get to eat lunch together.

Sometimes, we'll meet at one of the restaurants in between our places of employment. Sometimes, we'll meet at another nearby restaurant. Sometimes, we'll meet at her workplace, then go eat. Just depends on what time I can break away and what time she can break away.

Monday, after hearing the economist, I went back to work, went through a couple of more meetings before lunch.

At lunch, I walked to the Subway and the Wife and I ate our sandwiches. It's nice to get out on a nice day, and it's always nice to eat lunch with my Special Lady.

Afterwards, it was back to work for both of us. And, at the end of the day, I was glad to head out.

Oh, to be sure, I enjoy what I do. It's almost like a hobby. Except I get paid for it. And that's nice.

Anyway, at the end of the day, it's still nice to call it a day.

So, I got in the car, and since I was driving that day, I headed the three blocks over to the Wife's place of work.

I parked outside, left the engine running, and listened to the radio while I waited for her to come downstairs.

It's not all that unusual for her to be a few minutes late leaving, since things happen on occasion that cause little delays.

After about 15 minutes, I decided to shut the car off, since I was just burning gas, and it was comfortable outside anyway.

I started thinking the day over, even though I kept the radio playing.

I thought about things I needed to do later in the week at work.

I thought about things I needed to do regarding this blog ... and other blogs I work with.

I thought about things I needed to do with insurance for family members.

I thought about the upcoming baseball season ... after all, April 5th isn't that far away.

I thought about what I might want for supper.

I thought about the economist that I heard speak that morning.

I wondered why the Wife was taking so long, and I thought about calling her.

As I dialed, I thought about the fact that we drove separately because I went to hear that economist speak...

Then it hit me.

There I was, in downtown Columbus, sitting in a parked car, being eyed by the police that walk the area around that time ... being eyed by the people that left the building with me just sitting in the car ... waiting to pick up my Wife ... who had driven to work that morning.

Yes, she laughed at me as I stuttered and explained why I was calling her and waiting on her.

But she didn't pick on me too bad when I got home, red-faced ... and us both starving. You see, she was waiting on me to get home to fix supper.

I should have stopped and picked up supper. But I didn't. Because she laughed at me.

But I will. Because I deserved to be laughed at. And she deserves a nice supper out.


  1. I think that's called being lost in thought! heh

  2. I heart you guys! Thanks for making me smile today.

  3. On the other hand, it might be early alzheimer's! J/K ;)

  4. Thanks Carol. And I think, thanks, Linda.


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