Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-14

From CNN:
Anna Nicole Smith's body lies in limbo
Not scheduled to enter Hell until Thursday

From CNN:
Senate Dems follow House lead on Iraq
Select Zawahiri as Majority Leader

From CNN:
EU condemns 'illegal' CIA flights
Not happy with legal CIA flights, either

From CNN:
Questions remain on North Korea disarmament
Top question: Is current proposal a lie or merely a deception?

From CNN:
Comedian says government silences critics
Irony of statement not yet realized

From CNN:
Miss Brazil wins lawsuit competition
Judges call for return of swimsuit competition

From CNN:
Iran calls Iraq arms charges 'all lies'
Cite experience as liars

From WCVB:
Storm causes slick, icy roads
Study also concludes rain causes wet roads

From WMUR:
Police: Trio try break-in while boy home alone
Joe Pesci, Daniel Stern hire an assistant

From KSAT:
Man arrested in screwdriver stabbing
Screwdriver expected to recover

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