Monday, February 26, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-26

From ABC News:
Sharpton Wants Test to Prove Thurmond Ancestry
Seeks to prove both sons of same bitch

From ABC News:
Greenspan Warns, U.S. Recession Likely
Democratic control of Congress realized

From ABC News:
Jury Slaps Defense Giant for Neglecting Security
Antonio Pearce to install alarm system in home

From ABC News:
'Forever' Stamp Would Be Valid Despite Increases
Just like marriages

From ABC News:
Virginia: 'Profound Regret' for Role in Slavery
Former slaves yet to respond

From ABC News:
Four French Nationals Shot Dead in Saudi Arabia
Equal to three Americans at current exchange rate

From ABC News:
American Soldier Has High Hopes For Iraqi Forces
Others with hopes for Iraqi forces also high

From ABC News:
Carter Rips Cheney's 'Abysmal' Iraq Record
Cites own record with Iran

From ABC News:
Will Supreme Court Put Brakes on Cop Chases?
Fox scrambles for new prime-time programming

From ABC News:
Europe warms to US missile shield
Loves American money & protection, hates America

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