Monday, February 5, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-05

From ABC News:
20 Face Lashings for Dancing in Saudi Arabia
White folks aren't only ones who can't dance

From ABC News:
Mexican Seeks World Chili Eating Record
Already holds record for most relatives in a station wagon

From ABC News:
Feud Over? Original Singer Rejoining Van Halen
Proof drugs cause memory loss

From ABC News:
Murder Suspect Busted for Not Wearing Seatbelt
Flaunting traffic laws "last straw"

From ABC News:
Biden Tells Dems He Regrets Obama Remark
Hope he "didn't offend the Coloreds"

From ABC News:
Gambler Gives Birth on N.J. Casino Floor
Names daughter "Bette"

From ABC News:
9 U.S. Towns Ready for Atlantic Tsunami
Hopes global warming experts are right

From ABC News:
Woman Held in Daughters' Fatal Stabbings
Likes to be held

From ABC News:
Robots May Be More Like Caterpillars Than R2-D2
George Lucas re-edits Star Wars

From ABC News:
Bond Star Daniel Craig Named Best Actor
License to kill pays off

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