Monday, February 12, 2007

The Following Takes Place Between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM

Late start. We bought groceries.

But we got TiVo!!!

So, after the recap, we saw Jack find out Graham is dead, but no one knows Dad killed him.

Chloe is pulled off the job.

The blonde chick surprised my by killing BF. I thought she was toast when he said he'd take care of her. I guess she lives. For now, anyway.

Lennox is ready to quit because President Brother won't implement his plan. Lennox's assistant is running that show, it seems.

Oh, wait. He's working for some other guy I missed because I'm typing.

Blonde Chick (Rita) arrives with Milo Morris. Is Blonde Chick in over her head? I'm betting she's dead before the night is over.

Morris resists. Gets beat up. Blonde Chick is about to lose it. She's toast.

CTU filler talk.

President and Dr. Bashir negotiate.

CTU filler talk.

Torture. Fire alarm.

Uh, oh. He breaks out the drill. Did you ever see Body Double? OMG!

Okay, the Blonde Chick is toast. The drilling is stopped. Morris capitulates.

Okay, Chad Lowe decides to rehash the old 25 Amendment plotline.

Peter McNichol turns down Chad Lowe? Never saw that coming. I thought he (Lennox) would have gone along.

Bomb armed. Morris is toast

WHOA! Jack to the rescue!

Fayed gets away. Morris is alive. Jack finds a suitcase. With a bomb inside?

Yep. It's a nuke. But they wait until after the commercial to try to disarm it.

Jack starts disarming bomb. Throwing DIP switches and such.

Jack stops the bomb! Yay!

There are three more bombs. Jack's pissed!

Now Lennox is living up (down) to expectations. He's ready to pull the 25th on President Brother. Plot re-hash. Does this mean Kim's going to show up and run into a cougar?

Hour 2

Rehash of previous hour. Or two.

Well, this got all screwed up. DNS settings caused the old blog to reassert itself. So, I lost the ability to connect to the blog. So, I didn't get to finish blogging tonight's 24.


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