Thursday, February 15, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-15

From ABC News:
Playboy Spread Gets Sergeant Demoted
Privates doom sergeant

From ABC News:
Man Loses Hand in Pit Bull Attack
Was holding two pair

From ABC News:
Castro Son Expects Father's Full Recovery
Nation's recovery still in doubt

From ABC News:
Sex Workers, Cyborgs and Tragic Chanteuses at the Berlin Film Fest
Cheney family vacation pictures stun crowds

From ABC News:
Ex-Monster Lawyer Faces SEC Charges
Wolfman's legal career cut short

From ABC News:
Chrysler Doles Out Pink Slips
Matching bras included

From ABC News:
Republican Contenders Fight for the Right
Beastie Boys song chosen as GOP's theme

From ABC News:
China Sentences Man to Death in Ant Case
Really small man

From ABC News:
Failure Is Not an Option...or Is It?
GOP election strategy for 2006 questioned

From ABC News:
New $1 Coin Goes Into Circulation
Not expected to be certified a failure until September

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