Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Headline News 2007-02-13

From ABC News:
400-Pound Bear Falls from 50-Foot Tree
2007 bear crop harvest begins

From ABC News:
'Bullwinkle Is Going to Stomp Somebody'
Rocket J. Squirrel issues warning

From ABC News:
Swiss Officials Want to Spread Sunshine
Country Crock introduces new product line

From ABC News:
Nashville Mayor: English-Only 'Unconstitutional'
Unsure why Constitution is written in English

From ABC News:
Monster Storm Blasts Midwest
3 feet of monsters recorded in one hour

From ABC News:
Al Qaeda Calls Bush an Alcoholic Liar
Democratic talking points pay off

From ABC News:
Pace Says No Evidence Iran Arming Iraq
Also no evidence water causes wetness

From ABC News:
Russian Baby Abuse Probe
Russian babies terrorise rest of world

From ABC News:
In Philadelphia, a 'disturbing' black murder rate
City seeks more acceptable rate of black deaths

From CNN:
Tape: Anna Nicole not breathing when 911 called
Still not breathing


  1. Tuesday...

    Bad Example: How Did I Suddenly Become the Go-To Guy for Boob-Related Stories [Mature Themes Warning] basil's blog: Headline News Cox and Forkum: Nuke Boost Guns'n'butter: Kim Jong-Il Agrees to Give Up Nuke Program for Date with Condoleezza Rice......

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