Monday, February 5, 2007

The Following Takes Place Between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM

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Previously on 24

Well, lookee there! Stuff that happened last week.

Karen forced out.

Walid gets his butt kicked.

Jack kicks brother's butt.

Dad saves the day.

Brother is really in charge.

The Following Takes Place Between 12:00 PM and 1:00 PM

Watching the news. Still a mushroom cloud. All these hours later?

9:03 PM ET

President Little Brother doesn't believe Weasel Boy.

9:04 PM ET

President Little Brother gives in.

Weasel Boy feels cocky.

9:08 PM ET

Jack and Dad in back of van. Looks like the Bauers have some sort of Mafia thing going. The family. The company.

9:09 PM ET

Samuel L Jackson, Jr, takes Jack and Dad to hole in ground.

Dad and Jack do the Bauer thing. Dad offs the guy left alive. Dad hiding something?

9:10 PM ET

Okay, the blonde's name is Rita. Is she from an earlier season? Or have I seen her on something else. Time to check IMDB.

Tick tick tick tick

9:15 PM ET

12:15 tick tick

Listening to Fayed.

Now Morris is doing the image thingy from No Way Out. Wonder if it's Kevin Costner and the President's girlfriend?

Yeah, Dad's dirty. I'm sure of it.

Now the bratty kid shows up. Mrs. Graham is being her lovely self.

9:18 PM ET

Jack says prep Graham for questioning.

Jack talks to sis-in-law. 12:18

With "us?" Did Jack hit on his brother's wife (from Melrose Place)? So the whole "send Jack to China" thing is revenge for brother tapping wife? Who wrote this? Drew Carey?

9:21 PM ET

Keeps Josh out of this? Is the kid a terrorist, too?

Jack's ready to interrogate brother. The Wife heard that. She said "Uh-oh! This is where he breaks out the pliers and screws and stuff.

12:23 tick tick tick tick

9:26 PM ET

12:26 tick tick tick tick

Morris gets word about kid. Tries to call. Milo says we got work to do. Morris wants to go see little brother.

Does everybody have a little brother? I don't.

9:29 PM ET

In 11 minutes, they've completely looked at hard drive and discover they can't read anything? This "real-time" thing isn't happening any more, is it.

9:30 PM ET

Jack breaks out the hard drugs.

As long as he doesn't play loud music or splash water on his holy book.

Dad watches.

9:32 PM ET

Jack pours the drugs on.

Graham tells Jack he was behind last year's stuff.

9:33 PM ET

Jack's pissed. Dad steps up and stops him with a look.

9:34 PM ET

Jack stops the torture.

12:36 tick tick tick tick

9:39 PM ET

12:40 tick tick tick tick

Little Sister is comforting Walid.

9:40 PM ET

President Brother calls Sister.

9:41 PM ET

Jack fills in Bill.


This clock keeps varying.

9:43 PM ET

Jack and Dad talk. I think Dad's a bad guy. I could be wrong.

Dad needs a few minutes. What's he got up his sleeve?

9:44 PM ET

12:46 tick tick tick tick

9:48 PM ET

12:50 tick tick tick tick

They're doing the No Way Out thing with the pic.

The Veep. Is that Powers Boothe?

9:51 PM ET

President Little Brother wants the foxes guarding the henhouses.

9:53 PM ET

So, it's Morris? He's the target?

Blonde and the guy kidnap Morris. Who is that blonde?

9:54 PM ET

Split screen


Dad goes in to talk with Graham. Does he kill him to keep him from talking? I think Dad's dirty.

9:55 PM ET

Yep, Dad's dirty.

9:56 PM ET

Dad's about to kill the kid.

9:57 PM ET

Yep. Dad kills Graham.

9:59 PM ET

12:59 tick tick tick tick 1:00

Previews from the 2-hour special next week.


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