Sunday, February 11, 2007

Leaving Well Enough Alone

When things are working, what do you do?

Change them, of course.

That's probably the reason I changed Web hosts recently.

Not that I've abandoned Dreamhost. No, I like Dreamhost. I really do. And I still use Dreamhost for

But I've moved this little blog to Network Solutions hosting.

I've used Network Solutions for some time now. I've registered my domain names (currently, 11) with them for some time now. And my package includes Web hosting and email. So, as long as I have the service, I thought why not use it.

Let me reiterate, there was nothing wrong with Dreamhost. That's why I'm keeping my account with them. Their hosting of ItsAPundit works just fine. The whole process of people setting up their own blogs automatically works very well.

But, I like to try things out. So, I moved this little blog to Network Solutions.

That will cause some problems, to be sure.

For example, mail sent to my address won't work for a bit.

Also, links to the old address format (such as might end up at unexpected posts ... or nowhere. Links to the newer address format (like the one you see when you click on the name of this post) work fine. That's why I went to this format several months ago: I knew this move was coming.

Most of the hits to the old address formats are kids (or grown perverts) looking for Jamie Lynn Spears naked, anyway, so no big loss.

What's the upside?

To me, I get to play with different Web hosting services.

To you? Actually, I don't see an upside to you. Sorry.


  1. It seems that some of the old comments are linked to the wrong posts, now, too. I just noticed a comment that I'd originally left on one of your headline news posts is now showing up under a linkfest post. Or did I do that?

  2. Not sure what might have happened. I'll check the old database tonight and see.

  3. hi b!

    I have Dreamhost for my clients as well and I like it but...there's days I want to chuck it and try a new one. Let me know how things go for you at Network Solutions.

    PS - I was inspired to join your itsapundit network this morning. So far so good. I like WordPress MU but don't see much difference thus yet..except the 'Autosave' function....which is niiiice.

  4. First, thanks for giving ItsAPundit a try.

    My research into using Dreamhost for a WPMU site indicated it wouldn't work very well. My experience is quite the contrary.

    My testing involved setting up multiple WPMU blogs ... including at Dreamhost and at NetSol ... and Dreamhost performed, well, like a dream.

    Regarding WP vs WPMU: The main difference is, of course, that with MPMU, you can set up multiple blogs without installing WP multiple times.

    The other big differences ... and you'll find this out ... are that you cannot use JavaScript in your Text Widgets. And you cannot modify your templates.

    To accomodate that, I've added some plugins that use the most common JavaScript "wants" that users complain about: SiteMeter (full functionality), Google AdSense (not even possible on, BlogAds (also not possible on, and PayPal (also not possible on

    I'm also working the kinks out of Inline Trackbacks. I'm testing it on several themes, and hope to have the code added to and tested on all themes soon.

    Again, WPMU is a lot like standard WP 2.1, with some security restrictions ... but I'm working on reasonable accomodations for those.

    Thanks again for trying ItsAPundit.


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