Friday, March 12, 2010

AGW, MSM, CBO ... and more news

NOAA says February was colder than normal. That Global Warming sure is a sneaky bastard!

Bicyclists in New York find Google's "bicycling directions" has potentially fatal flaws. Who says Google doesn't have a sense of humor?

China is requiring all journalists to study, embrace Marxism. They're becoming more ad more like the U.S. every day.

Quote of the day: "If the time for talk is over, then so is the time for listening. This could be a good thing." -- IMAO commenter "Jimmy"

Did you hear about Conan and Fox? It's true. Conan will be appearing ... at Atlanta's Fox Theatre in June.

Female circumcision ... in LaGrange, GA? That used to be something you read about that happened somewhere far off, not less than an hour away.

New CBO analysis: Senate bill educes deficit less than originally thought. Shocking! I'm also shocked -- SHOCKED! -- to discover there's gambling at Rick's! (tip: Donna Cahill)

The House of Representatives is now looking to declare health care passed without actually voting on it? Can we do the same thing? Like declare the GOP has won the election without actually voting? And start seating Representatives and Senators?

Ray Steven's latest video is about Sarah Palin.

Roger Ebert's review of the Anti-U.S. film "Green Zone" says the film asks if "neocons within the (Bush) administration fabricated (WMDs), lied about them and were ready to kill to cover up their deception." Ebert continues: "Is this true? I'm not here to say." (tip: Andy Levy)

This may cause you to wonder what it is that you ... or I ... aren't prepared to say. Such as...
  • Does Roger Ebert sneak into your room at night to steal your dreams? I'm not here to say.
  • Does Roger Ebert party naked with Osama bin Laden? I'lm not here to say.
  • Does Roger Ebert worship Satan? I'm not here to say.
  • Does Roger Ebert scare dogs and small children? I'm not here to say.
  • Did Roger Ebert steal the 2000 election? I'm not here to say.
  • Does Roger Ebert drink smoothies made from live puppies? Okay, that's Glenn Reynolds. Never mind. 
Merlin Olson died. The previous day, there were lots of Corey jokes on teh Twitter. Yesterday, few Merlin jokes. At least, not about him. Does that say more about us ... or them?

And now, Things About Websites That Make Me Angry. Very, Very Angry.
  • How is it that web devs still don't understand that unsolicited audio on a website is unacceptable? (via: Chuck Dizzle)
  • Some folks write sloppy HTML. And HTML lets them. It's like a dictionary that provides you the right word, but won't stop you from cussing.
Okay, that was stupid. My bad. Although Chuck is correct.

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