Thursday, March 11, 2010

Corey, Lindsay, Raquel ... and other news

Cheese made from milk. Human breast milk.

CNN: "Bachelor No. 1" sentenced to death. But Chuck Barris? Still walking around free. There is no justice.

Yesterday, it rained. And rained. And I got wet. Who knew rain could be so wet? I feel like that PetSpa cat.

Corey Haim died. Did you hear about that?

Reports said that his drug overdose was "accidental." So, is that better, or worse?

Of course, there is no such thing as a death from an "accidental overdose?" The death may have been unintentional, but the dosage was intentional. No accident.

I used to get confused about which Corey was which. Now it's easy. Corey Haim is the dead one.

By the way, does anyone know what Corey Hart is up to? Corey Feldman could use him as a new partner for the act.

I noticed something about teh Twitter. When some celebrity death news breaks right about breakfast, the folks on the east coast tell all their tasteless jokes in about three hours. Then, the west coasters wake up, find out, and start their tasteless jokes. Most of them repeats. Just like TV.

Of course, I was as guilty as anyone for telling some "too soon" jokes. Some on teh Twitter. Some not. But I realized how wrong that is. We shouldn't wait until a celebrity dies to make tasteless jokes about them. We should make them now, while their feelings can be hurt.

We shouldn't spend all our time making jokes about dead celebrities when a living Lindsay Lohan is suing a fictional baby!

Speaking of which, when I saw the commercial, I didn't thing of Lindsay Lohan. I thought it was "Lindsey" ... as in Graham.

Seriously, though, I did not think of Lindsay Lohan when I saw the commercial. Probably because I don't think of Lindsay Lohan.

When someone says "Lindsay" (no last name), here's what I think of... probably because I was there when it happened. It was teh awesome.

Speaking of college football, Obama hosted Alabama, toasting their championship. I wonder if he's going to redistribute it around to Eastern Michigan, Vanderbilt, and other schools.

Obama's still pushing his health care bill. If it passes, there will be another way we can treat Obama like the left treated Bush: we'll be able to chant "Obama lied, Grandma died." Only, we'd be telling the truth.

One other celebrity was in the news. Raquel Welch set off alarms at O'Hare Airport. It was metal in her bustier. Which means it's not so much underwire as it is scaffolding. Still, she's gorgeous.

Right Wing News lists the "40 best conservative blogs" ... and, for the 21st consecutive quarter, this little blog didn't make the list. 21 quarters -- 63 months -- is a record of which I'm proud. No, that's not the word. What's the word for realization that I don't matter?

In Texas, there's a huge battle over school books. How big a deal are school books in Texas? The Texas School Book Depository is the most famous school book depository in the world.

One final report: Devil is in the Vatican. That Obama! He's everywhere!

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  1. "INSIGNIFICANT." That would be the word. Just sayin'...


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