Monday, March 8, 2010

Crime news, Birther news, Sports news ... and other news

Police are looking for a one-Eyed, Black cross-dresser (tip: Interested-Participant). But then, aren't we all?

Woman arrested for crashing her car while shaving her pubes while driving without a license with her ex-husband in an illegal car. Really. There should be a law...

In other crime news: Assault with a deadly tittie.

Yay! More birther news. Here. Here. And here. Oh, and here.

Did they ever figure out if it was Adam Gadahn that was captured or not?

And, will the birthers suggest it was all a ruse to keep their news out of the news?

Good news for the Braves. Chipper is out with thumb injury. Wait, that's not good news. Not at all.

Took a nap yesterday afternoon. If four hours is a nap. Woke up and had to play catch-up on teh Google Reader. Afternoon naps wreak havoc with everything.

This I realize that it was Oscar day. I'd probably have known that, and cared, if I had seen any of those movies.

Obama. Olympics. Oscars. Is there anything that starts with "O" that I care to see on TV? Anything? Didn't think so.

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