Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good idea? Or a bad idea?

There is a product called PetSpa (tip: Barking Moonbat Early Warning System). And that name pretty much sums it up.

Here it is in action:

[Direct link]

That is so wrong. Yes, I laughed. Out loud. But it's still wrong.

I'm sure the people that invented this thing were sitting around, thinking this was a good idea. And that poor cat trusted the person that placed it in the PetSpa.

Only, the cat got a rude surprise. And pretty early on figured out it didn't like what was happening. But there was nothing it could do about it. The makers of the PetSpa, and the owner of the cat, decided it was best.

They'll try that again on that cat. Only, I suspect that, unless they've de-clawed that cat, they next time they try it, the cat with have its on rude surprise.

I wonder if I could use this as an analogy to anything?

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