Saturday, March 6, 2010

Harry, Barry, bias ... and other news

Harry Reid said it's good, real good that 36,000 people lost their jobs. Yes, It's A Good Life.

Harry Reid channeling Professor Farnsworth: "Good news, Everyone!"

Tittie Baby-In-Chief complained "Rove Hates Me."

Note: Andy suggested this image:

Obama seems to have caved on KSM. Couldn't stand the pressure. Maybe he'll eventually cave on Obamacare.

So Obama was off $1.2-trillion in his deficit estimates. Pocket change. Besides, money isn't Obama's biggest deficit problem. It's his trust deficit. And truth deficit. And common sense deficit. And pride-in-America deficit...

Rep. Eric Massa (D-NY-29) has a thing for male staffs, huh? And what "heterosexual" does Leno make jokes about for a homosexual encounter? A Republican state legislator in California. What media bias?

On the other hand, when all is said and done, Jake Tapper proves that some in the MSM actually take their job seriously.

When I got to the house last night, there were 580 items in the Google Reader. That's just too much to try to read. It's time to cull. And I so don't want to.

This is nuts. Really.

Last night, I watched the most recent episode of Burn Notice (via TiVo). Did the ending remind anyone else of 2001 DVD Blu-Ray? I expected Michael to look over and see old Michael eating dinner. Then old Michael to knock his glass over and see really old Michael in bed.

Okay, maybe it was just me.

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  1. Karl Rove hates me...

  2. Heh. Thanks. Added in the post.

  3. Hey, no thanks necessary, Basil! That is one image that EVERY self respecting blogger should have on file. Oh...thanks for the link.



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